Here are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding renovation work.

Q: How do I choose a contractor?
A: Here are some factors you should consider when choosing a contractor:
* references
* workmanship quality
* professionalism
* communication skills
Finding a contractor with whom you can develop a strong, trusting working relationship is key.

Q: Do we need plans?
A: All projects need plans. This helps eliminate confusion for all involved in the renovation project (the clients, project manager and trades people).

Q: Do we need permits?
A: Each project requires its own evaluation of necessary permit applications. The contractor will take care of the permit process for you, and coordinate the inspections.

Q: Do we need to sign a contract?
A: Yes, you should always have a written agreement between you and your contractor which outlines the scope of work, warrantees, timelines, budgets, liability etc. The entire project, start to finish, should always be outlined within a contract.

Q: What can I do myself to help cut costs?
A: How much you can or should attempt to do depends on your ability and knowledge of remodeling. You’ll definitely be able to tear out old cabinets (be careful not to damage walls and beams), take up old vinyl flooring and handle trash removal. You may also want to paint or wallpaper on your own. You’re better off letting the pros handle plumbing and appliance hook-ups – if you try it on your own, you may violate building codes or invalidate manufacturer warranties. And let a professional installer put your new cabinets in so that they look their best.


Q: How long will my project take?
A: Once the design has been finalized, we can give you a good estimate of when we’ll finish your project. As a guideline, renovations take several weeks to several months depending on many factors including the level of detail, size and complexity of your project..

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