Kitchen Addition

“My vision for my kitchen became a reality….” – Phylis B., Braintree                                                                           
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Put an addition on to your home, build a new kitchen or bathroom of your dreams, create a space to call your own.

Jenalzoco LLC has a focus on visionary construction for residential and commercial applications. 

We place the utmost emphasis on communication.

Communication is a vital ingredient for integrity.
Integrity is the basis for trust.

Trust is the reason for choosing a construction professional.
Trust that the material are quality.
Trust that the workmanship is unmatched.
Trust that you will appreciate the value of your project.
Jenalzoco renovations

Jenalzoco LLC is a fully insured and licensed company qualified to perform a wide range of work related to residential and commercial building.  We have been providing construction services to home owners, businesses and property management for over 25 years.

Please contact me to discuss your home or workplace project visions.

Mitch Finn